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About INSPECTRON camera inspections

INSPECTRON is the independent and reliable partner in conducting industrial camera inspections and endoscopy in accordance with NEN EN ISO 9712. Because we consider human and product safety to be very important, INSPECTRON camera inspections BV is certified in accordance with VCA.*

Because we have an extensive range of (video) endoscopes and camera systems equipped with the latest technology, our service can be used within a wide variety of applications.

Visual camera inspection

We allow you to view inside your installation using camera systems. Using this, we are able to clarify the actual situation of the (process) insallation and whether replacements or repairs are necessary. For example, it may be that only a small section of the pipe needs to be replaced, instead of the full length. It can also be determined whether immediate repair is neccessary or whether it can be postponed.

In other words, carrying out camera inspection makes maintenance much more efficient and less costly at the same time.

Would you like advice without obligation about the possibilities for your company?

Should you be interested and you wonder whether your company, through our inspection techniques, can guarantee the condition of the installations in a safe and efficient manner, then get in touch with us. We can let you know on site what the benefits of camera inspection are for your company.

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