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Pipeline localisation

It shouldn't happen, but it occurs regularly nonetheless. When renovating an old building or industrial site, the old installation and/or working drawings are no longer to be found.  Or when taking over a large construction project resulting from a bankruptcy or suspension of a contractor, not all the drawings are forwarded and the question is: "Where do all those pipes lead?"

We have the answer. We can localise pipelines using a special camera with a sonde built into the camera head. This allows mapping of the direction and depth of the pipeline and, because we work with a camera, we can simultaneously get a clear picture of the condition of the pipeline.

Camera inspection

Contrary to normal localisation techniques that don't make use of cameras and only use sondes inside the pipeline, this gives certainty regarding the direction and the end point of the pipeline. If there is congestion halfway down the pipeline, normal techniques will indicate that this congestion is the end of the pipeline. By using a camera, the actual situation becomes apparent.

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