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Cavity wall/crawl space inspection 

"Where water shouldn't go, it finds a way." It could just happen that a large damp patch appears on the wall.  This often occurs when a wall tie comes into contact with the external cavity wall, causing water to enter the construction. The source of this construction error is hard to locate because the water can come from anywhere.

In this case, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques offer an ideal solution. We can look inside your cavity wall using an endoscope. By inserting small holes (in the joints) we can access the cavity without having to make extensive and expensive repairs to the wall after inspection.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDO/NDT)

By using the same technique, we can also look in non-accessible crawl spaces in search of leaks, defects in the construction or the physical state of any pipes and channels that are in the crawl space, and visualize them. In the same way, we can also determine whether the underlying sand layer has not collapsed or shifted in the case of sand-poured basement floors. Due to the method used here, the damage is limited and is easy to repair.

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