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Tank inspection/Silo inspection

Silos are the most common forms of storage of solids such as powders, granules and so forth. Regular monitoring of the physical condition is necessary to keep the silo in good condition.Visual inspection of both the outside and inside is therefore of great importance.

Tank / Silo inspection cameras

We can detect cracks and corrosion with our special camera equipment, without having to enter the silo. By detecting these defects, it is then possible to target them for repairs. By regularly checking the silos, defects are found on time so that the damage is limited.

This inspection method requires less preparation time, which limits the interruption of production. The use of camera equipment provides a quick and efficient insight into the state of the installation, after which specific maintenance can be carried out.

Storage tanks inspection

The same applies to storage tanks for liquids and gases.Because many liquids, such as petrol or diesel, are flammable, it is very important that the tanks are in perfect condition. This also applies, of course, to the tanks that are intended for storing gases. By regularly checking the tanks' interiors for weaknesses and defects, the safety of the product and employees is guaranteed. Again, this can be achieved without having to enter the tank.

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