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Crawler camera inspection systems

The crawler inspection camera system is extremely well-suited to the efficient inspection of larger pipes (from 100 millimetres) over larger lengths due to its rotatable camera head (pan & tilt) and its powerful 4x4 drive. The compact, motorised camera system is waterproof and suitable for use in explosion-proof (Ex ATEX Zone 1) situations. The automatic cable drum is equipped with 250 metres of lightweight cable. The control unit allows for both the crawler and the camera to be controlled remotely. The smallest details can be visualised by means of the integrated zoom function. The images are displayed live on an 8" screen and recorded on video.

We can inspect pipe sections up to 200 metres with the crawler camera system, including places that are not accessible with an inspection vehicle, with our mobile cable drum.

Do you want to know whether your (process) pipes or (process) installation can be inspected using crawler camera inspection systems?

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