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Push rod camera inspection systems

Push camera systems are designed for inspecting pipe systems over longer lengths. It is possible to get through bends and visualise an entire pipe route, without disassembling anything, thanks to the flexible push cable. These systems can be used for the inspection of curved pipelines, tanks, heat exchangers and in many other applications due to their versatility.

These industrial inspection cameras come in many shapes and sizes. We can inspect the internal conditions of various installations with working lengths from 15 to 100 metres and diameters from 15 millimetres and up.

Our explosion-proof (Ex ATEX Zone 1) pan & tilt camera can rotate and swivel, so that every detail can be captured.

These push camera systems are ideal for carrying out welding inspections in pipes with a bigger diameter, corrosion testing and detecting contamination and damage inside the installation.

Do you want to know whether the (process) installation can also be inspected with the aid of push camera inspection systems?

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