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Construction and non-residential construction

Construction and non-residential construction

For construction inspections, we increasingly rely on our expertise in the field of camera inspections.The use of video endoscopy and camera systems for inspection has proven to be very effective in conventional construction and non-residential construction, but also in civil engineering.

Non Destructive Examination (NDE/NDT) method

Spaces that are not or barely accessible by people can be investigated by means of this Non Destructive Examination (NDE/NDT) method. In this way, for example, possible leaks can be detected without causing serious damage to the structure.

There are countless applications in civil engineering. These range from the inspection of casing pipes and rainwater discharge pipes to the inspection of bearings and pipeline routing in lock gates or flood defences. Because of this, the use of camera inspection and endoscopy has become an important part of quality assurance.

Camera inspections

Sprinkler installations and fire water pipes can also be inspected with the aid of camera inspection and endoscopy. Corrosion in the pipe can lead to blockages, which can result in the sprinkler no longer functioning optimally, which can lead to all sorts of consequences. Regular inspection of the sprinkler system prevents unnecessary costs and ensures safety.

More information about architectural camera inspections?

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