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Energy and utility companies

Energy and utility companies

People are becoming increasingly aware of the applicability of camera inspections at power stations. We are regularly deployed for various applications in this industry. In collaboration with NoBo (Notified Body, previously the steam authority), we also inspect capacitors, steam pipes and boilers in power plants, for example.

Our expertise is also regularly used by water companies. In this way, we monitor the main water lines and supply and discharge pipes for major users. Thus, we inspect water pipes as a matter of prevention, in case of a calamity, such as loss of pressure, contamination and/or leaks, but also during a regular shut-down of the installation, among other things. In this way, potential problems can be detected early on.

Some inspections that we carry out in this sector include:

  • Heat exchanger inspection
  • Steam boiler inspection
  • Cooling water pipe inspection
  • Drainage pipe inspection
  • Drinking water pipe inspection

More information about camera inspections for energy and utility companies?

If you would like to know what INSPECTRON camera inspections BV can do for your company with regards to hygienic camera inspections, please contact us. Our consultants will be happy to visit and inform you of the possibilities for your company.

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