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Feed industry

Feed industry

The feed industry, like the food and beverage industry, has in recent years increased its focus on hygiene within the production processes. This doesn't only apply to the production spaces on the factory floor but obviously also to the flows within the production process itself.

Good hygiene in the process installations is essential when producing a high-quality product.

Critical areas within process installations include:

  • Welding joints
  • Flange connections
  • Bends
  • Valves
  • Silos
  • Etc.

These areas are most at risk for product build-up and contamination. In the long term, this can become problematic for the quality of the product, and may lead to a reduction in flow and eventually to congestion. Wear and tear on the system can also be a serious problem. Pipelines and other parts may weaken due to erosion, which leads to dangerous situations as well as costly breakdowns.

Industrial camera inspection

This can be prevented using industrial camera inspection techniques.INSPECTRON camera inspections BV can map the internal conditions of the process installation down to the smallest detail so that unpleasant situations can be avoided through timely intervention.

For our clients who are subject to GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations, we can provide inspection equipment that is used exclusively in hygienic surroundings. These systems are separately stored and are decontaminated and cleaned both before and after use.

More information about camera inspections for the feed industry?

If you would like to know what INSPECTRON camera inspections BV can do for your company with regards to hygienic camera inspections, please contact us. Our consultants will be happy to visit and inform you of the possibilities for your company.

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