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Water companies

Water companies

Clean and pure drinking water is a basic human need. Therefore, the quality of the tap water is tested every step of the way during the purification process, as per regulations from the Dutch (or other) government (European drinking water standards) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

In order to guarantee a high standard of drinking water, the condition of the pipeline network needs to be in good order. Therefore, sections of the pipeline are often replaced. After reparation, these pipelines are cleaned using high-pressure water jets.

Industrial camera inspection

The quality of the repairs and the effects of the cleaning process can be visualized in detail with the help of camera inspections. These will help determine if the repair has been executed in accordance with the specified requirements.

Drinking water pipeline inspections have also become an essential part of commissioning inspections of new constructions where this is relevant. It goes without saying that taking hygiene into account is of the utmost importance here as well.

INSPECTRON has special inspection equipment that is used exclusively for hygienic applications. These systems are separately stored and are decontaminated and cleaned both before and after use.

More information about camera inspections for the Water companies?

If you would like to know what INSPECTRON camera inspections BV can do for your company with regards to hygienic camera inspections, please contact us. Our consultants will be happy to visit and inform you of the possibilities for your company.

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