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Weld inspection heat exchanger

Pharmaceutical industry

Endoscopic inspection:

As part of preventive maintenance, we have performed an inspection on various existing installations. We approached this heat exchanger via the product pipework on the underside. During this inspection we established that the welds did not meet the client's requirements. The welds showed several discrepancies such as discolouration and corrosion. The client was immediately informed of this at the time of the inspection. On the basis of the images, a plan of action was initiated for the pickling and passivation of the installation at the next stop.


  • Industry: Pharmaceutical industry
  • Equipment: Endoscope 8 mm
  • Reason for inspection: General maintenance
  • Installation: Heat exchanger
  • Diameter: DN 500 / DN 15 (tubes)
  • Length: 4 metres
  • Material: SS 316-L
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