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Drinking water pipeline

Water companies

Camera inspection:

As part of the construction of a new drinking water pipeline, a horizontally controlled boring was carried out to take the pipeline under a canal. The pipeline had a diameter of 600 mm and a length of approx. 128 metres.

The reason for the pipeline inspection was to check the inner cement lining for possible damage, which could have been caused by subsiding struts under the prefabricated pipeline. This was done to guarantee the quality of the new water pipeline.

Damage of the cement lining

During the inspection, it was established that a portion of the cement lining in the pipeline was damaged. Because the damage was detected early before boring took place, it could still be repaired. After pulling in the boring, the pipeline was inspected again and no further damage was detected.


Industry: Water companies
Equipment: Crawler camera inspection system
Reason for inspection: Suspected damage caused by subsidence
Installation: Drinking water pipeline
Diameter: DN 600
Length: 128 metres
Material: cemented steel

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